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Types of parking bay

The types of parking bays available vary between Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs), so check the signs for instructions when parking.

Visit CPZ times and boundary maps for details of what bays are present in each Zone, as well as location maps.

Free parking

In some CPZs you will find free short-stay bays. These do not require any form of payment or permit.

Free parking bays are time limited and you are not allowed to park in excess of the maximum time, or drive away and return to the same parking place within a certain time. This time will be specified on the parking sign near or adjacent to the bay.

Permit parking

This refers to parking bays where a valid permit must be clearly displayed. These are mainly resident permit holder bays and some business permit bays.

You must be eligible for each type of permit.

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Pay and display parking

Pay and display bays are available, when a parking permit is not required.

You can pay for parking using:

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Voucher parking

Voucher parking is only available in some CPZs in the Borough.

You can park in the bays for up to 2 or 4 hours, by displaying vouchers purchased from authorised outlets.

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Shared use bays

Most CPZs in the Borough offer shared use bays.

These are bays with more than one way of validating your parking. For example, you may be able to park legally using a parking permit or by paying for your parking session.

Shared use bays will be signposted and you should always check what you need to do to park legally.

Updated: 31 July 2023

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