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Library strategy - Our values

Richmond Library Service has three core values, which are demonstrated by staff and woven through all aspects of service provision.


We demonstrate Respect by welcoming all people to use library services, by appreciating the many diverse cultures and life experiences of those using our libraries, by being tolerant and compassionate towards individuals and groups. We strive to reflect the community in our workforce. We also demonstrate respect towards our environment by making every effort to live sustainably on the planet and encourage others to do the same by example and demonstration. The desired outcome is that everyone will feel welcome and safe in Richmond upon Thames library buildings.


We demonstrate Flexibility by making sure the service can react to the needs of others, by embracing change, trying out new approaches and adopting a ‘can do’ attitude to the challenges faced by Richmond Library Service. This approach was proved vital for residents during the coronavirus pandemic. The desired outcome is that local libraries will successfully meet the changing needs of our communities. Whatever those needs may come to be, Richmond Library Service will be here supporting residents.


We demonstrate Inspiration by leading the way with examples of innovation, by striving to improve on what Richmond Library Service offers and always aspiring to achieve more. We want to inspire residents to become readers, as we know this improves their life chances. The desired outcome is that people using local libraries will feel empowered and their lives will therefore be improved and enriched.

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Updated: 21 April 2023

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