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Library strategy - Our purpose

The purpose of Richmond Library Service is to offer services to residents that will help to inspire them, empower them, support their wellbeing, enrich their lives, support local communities and bring people together.

Our purpose is to:

  • Inspire a community of readers
  • Empower learners
  • Support health and wellbeing
  • Provide cultural and creative activity
  • Promote sustainable choices
  • Instil a sense of pride and belonging

All of these goals work towards enhancing the life chances of our residents, both adults and children. They dovetail with the four National Universal Offers9 to ensure that Richmond upon Thames residents have the best opportunities possible for realising their potential.

In addition to the many added value activities provided, our libraries will continue to offer a core service to residents:

  • Safe, welcoming and accessible cool/warm spaces in sustainable buildings
  • A free range of loanable books, eBooks and other materials in different formats curated by professional specialist librarians
  • Guidance from knowledgeable, well-trained and non-judgemental staff
  • Support for children and young people and their families
  • Cultural activities where communities can come together and feel they belong
  • Social well-being opportunities, especially for vulnerable residents
  • Free access to the internet and Office applications to bridge the digital divide
  • Free 24/7 access to licenced online resources from home
  • Free Wi-Fi in all library buildings, annexes and community spaces
  • A free reservation service for items with the borough and chargeable access to interlibrary loans from the SELMS consortium and beyond

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Updated: 21 April 2023

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