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You will be told in a decision letter if you have a right to request a review of a decision or offer of accommodation we have made and the deadline for submitting a review request.

You must request a review within the specified deadline. If you fail to request a review within the time limit without good cause, your request is likely to be refused.

How to request a review

To request a review verbally or to see someone in person, you should contact your allocated caseworker using the contact details they have provided you.

Alternatively you can email You should include the following in your review request:

  • Reference number (found at the top of the decision or offer letter)
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Current address
  • Contact telephone number/email
  • Reasons for requesting a review, for example, why you think the decision is wrong or why the offer of accommodation is unsuitable
  • Any further or new information which you think should have been considered when our original decision was made - we will ask for any supporting evidence at a later date

What happens next

We will acknowledge your request for a review and tell you about the procedure that will be followed including when you should expect to receive a decision. 

Your case will be reviewed by a senior officer who was not involved in making the original decision. There is no requirement for a person who is independent from the council to be involved in the review.

You will be given the opportunity to provide more information about your situation and may be invited in for an interview. It is important that you tell the reviewing officer any other information that needs to be considered; otherwise the review will be based on the facts that are already known about your circumstances.

Once the review has been completed, you will be informed in writing of the decision we have reached.

The letter will explain:

  • What decision has been made on your review
  • What information has been used to come to this decision
  • The reason for the decision
  • That you can appeal against the decision to the county court if you think the decision is legally incorrect, and the time limit for doing so

Updated: 03 April 2023

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