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We may be able to help with barking dogs if the noise is excessive and unreasonable.

What you should do

We can investigate complaints about noise from a neighbour's premises that is seriously affecting your right to enjoy your premises. In most cases you should first approach your neighbour directly about the matter. It is always better if neighbours can resolve their problems informally, and many noise (and other) problems can be resolved this way.

If the problem continues, you should:

What happens next

  1. Once you have reported your complaint you should continue to complete and submit ongoing diaries of the noise while your complaint is investigated
  2. Investigations may be carried out until we are satisfied that there is a statutory noise nuisance or not. If appropriate, we may take enforcement action against the person(s) causing the noise

If your complaint is about a Housing Association tenant, you should report the matter to their Housing Officer. It will usually be dealt with under their tenancy rules.

Weekend service

We run a weekend service which you should contact if noise is disturbing you on a Friday or Saturday night between 10pm and 3am. Call us on 07944 038 495. Please do not text the service.

Stray dogs

We also keep a register of lost and found dogs in the Borough.

Report a noise nuisance

Updated: 03 January 2023

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