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Use this form to report a domestic or commercial nuisance.

This form is for new complaints only. If you have a query regarding an existing complaint, you should contact the investigating officer directly.

Before you start

You should read our guidance on statutory nuisance before you make a report.

Before we investigate the complaint, we need information about the nuisance. Therefore, we may need you to keep a diary before making a complaint.

Weekend noise nuisance

If you are being disturbed between 10pm and 3am on Friday or Saturday night you should contact our weekend noise service on 07944 038 495, as they may be able to assist you that evening.

You will need

The form will ask you to provide:

  • Details of the nuisance
  • Location of the nuisance
  • Your diary of the nuisance (if you have this)

What happens next

You will receive a response from us within 7 working days.

Investigations may be carried out until we are satisfied that there is, or is not, a statutory nuisance.

If required, we may take enforcement action against the person(s) causing the nuisance.

Start my report

Medium - This form usually takes a few minutes to complete

Updated: 03 January 2023

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