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Alarms causing a noise nuisance

We can investigate complaints about malfunctioning audible intruder alarms only if the alarm is:

  • Ringing continuously for more than 20 minutes
  • Ringing intermittently for more than one hour
  • Sounding frequently and causing a noise nuisance

What we do

If we cannot contact someone to silence an alarm, we may take enforcement action to silence the alarm by either disconnecting the external bell, or obtaining a warrant to force entry and silence the internal alarm.

Any costs incurred will be charged to the owner/occupier.


In order to prevent this happening, we strongly recommend you notify us of your keyholders and ensure your alarm is regularly maintained.

A keyholder is someone who we can contact to silence your alarm in the event of a malfunction. This can be a trusted friend, family member or neighbour. Your keyholder(s) will need to be able to gain access to disable the alarm.

Vehicle alarms

If you are being disturbed by a vehicle alarm, you can report it online.

If we receive a report of a malfunctioning vehicle alarm, we will try to contact the owner to inform them of the problem. If we are unable to contact someone to silence the alarm and we confirm that the alarm is causing a nuisance, we may take formal action to silence the alarm.

We can serve a notice on the vehicle and employ a contractor to either break into the vehicle to silence the alarm and then resecure the vehicle, or if this is not possible, tow the vehicle to a secure compound.

All costs we incur are recoverable from the owner of the vehicle.

Weekend service

We offer a weekend noise service for problems which occurs on Friday or Saturday night, from 10pm to 3am.

Call 07944 038 495 to report a statutory nuisance. If the noise stops before we arrive, please call us to cancel the visit.

Report a noise nuisance

Updated: 04 January 2023

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