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Helping the homeless

At any one time there are around 16 people sleeping rough in Richmond upon Thames.

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Homelessness, rough sleeping and begging

There are many reasons why people beg and/or sleep rough. We work with a number of local organisations to support people when they are most in need. Each person has their own reasons why they are in that situation.

Many people want to help rough sleepers but may not be aware of the most helpful ways they can do that.


Rough sleeping is just one form of homelessness, this is where someone is totally roofless and has to sleep out on the streets.

The longer someone sleeps rough, the harder it becomes to help them off the streets and into more stable housing.

Long term rough sleepers rarely live into old age.


There is not a necessary link between begging and homelessness. People who beg often need support and giving money to them can sometimes stop them from accessing and using the support offered by local services. There is a real concern that if people are successful begging it is less likely that they will seek help.

It’s not possible to know what different people spend money on but giving to a trusted charity who helps those who are homeless or begging means you can know how your money is spent.

In Richmond all organisations working with homeless people and those who beg agree that giving money to charity rather than directly to someone is more likely to help people make long-term and positive changes.

Find out how you can give a better way to support homeless people.

Updated: 09 October 2020

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