Our process for street numbering and naming

On receipt of a site location plan and application for a street naming and numbering scheme from a developer the following process takes place:

  1. A drawing of the new development to the scale of 1:1250 is produced from the site location plan supplied by the developer; and
  2. A schedule is produced indicating new street names, plot numbers and corresponding property numbers as indicted on the drawing produced in 1.) above.

(It is usual for the developer to submit a list of 3 street names, in preference, to be considered for use for the naming and numbering of new properties located on a new development).

A letter, and site location plan are sent out for a consultation period of 14 days to a list of consultees (emergency services and the Royal Mail) for their comments/objections and provisional allocation of a postcode.

If no objections are received to a naming and numbering scheme a notification letter is despatched to the developer advising them of the new address. On the next available monthly report the new address and the corresponding original address is forwarded to statutory undertakers, emergency services and public utilities etc. informing them of the new naming and numbering scheme and the new postcodes that have been allocated to the properties.

Updated: 5 August 2009