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You can play your part in increasing safety in your community by starting or joining a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme where you live.

About Neighbourhood Watch

A Neighbourhood Watch is where a group of neighbours decide to work together to prevent crime in their area. The Watches help to create stronger and safer communities. Each Watch has a clear area for which it is responsible.

Neighbourhood Watch is:

  • Knowing what to do when crime or other emergencies occur
  • Finding ways to make your community safer
  • Promoting awareness of others who may need help or advice

Neighbourhood Watch is not about being a hero, being nosy, becoming a vigilante or working for the police or the Council. Watches are supported by the police, but not run by them.

Watches are in regular contact with the local police so minor problems can be dealt with before they develop. Being part of an active community helps deter criminals. Watches can give you crime prevention and home safety advice.

If you are covered by a Watch, you are less likely to be a victim of burglary, which is why insurance companies sometimes offer discounts on home contents insurance if you are covered by a Watch.

Join, start or contact a Neighbourhood Watch

You may be covered by an existing Watch. To see if your location is already covered by a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, enter your postcode on the Our Watch website. You can also contact your local police Safer Neighbourhood Team to find out if your home is in a Watch area.

If you are a Watch coordinator, you may wish to register your Neighbourhood Watch scheme so that people in your area can find their nearest scheme using the postcode search.

If your road is not covered by a Watch, you can become a coordinator or launch a new Watch. Contact the Community Safety Service to start a new Watch.

Become a coordinator

A Watch coordinator is a point of contact for the residents. The coordinator is also the point of contact for agencies who work alongside the Watch, such as local residents' associations and other local groups.

A Vacant Post is where there is no longer a coordinator for your Watch. You can volunteer to be the new Watch coordinator. Contact the Community Safety Service to volunteer.

Updated: 22 November 2019

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