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Report antisocial behaviour

Each person’s experience is different, but living with antisocial behaviour can be isolating, disempowering and have a direct effect on your health. The following steps offer some basic approaches you can take.

First steps

In some cases, it may be enough simply to speak calmly with whoever is causing the problem, as they may not realise the impact of their actions.

Recording incidents is very important. Events can easily become confused, so recording what happened, who was involved, when, where and how you were affected really helps to show the impact of the problem.

How to report antisocial behaviour

There are different ways to report antisocial behaviour:

  • Antisocial behaviour can be reported to the police by dialling 101. Your issue will be dealt with by a police team in your area.
    You can also report to the police by using an online form by Metropolitan Police  If you are in a danger or crime is taking place, always call 999
  • Talk to your housing provider if you are a tenant with a housing association, your housing officer or advisor can help; and for private tenancies your landlord or agent may also be able to assist
  • Consider mediation. Mediation is one of the most effective ways of resolving neighbour disputes. It is an important first step that shows that both parties are willing to move forward.

Stay resilient

Staying resilient is key to dealing with problems effectively, so understanding how problems affect you can really help.

Our partners at the Richmond Wellbeing Service have real expertise in helping to manage stress, anxiety, trauma, or depression, while Victim Support will act on your behalf where a crime has been committed, ensuring that your voice is heard.

Community Trigger

If you have reported antisocial behaviour on multiple occasions, but the situation has not improved, you may wish to consider using the Community Trigger.

Updated: 30 December 2020

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