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Supermarkets Local Pledge

Although supermarket chains can benefit some high streets, their power and presence can also stifle local, independent competition and character. We’ve developed the ‘Local Pledge’ - a national first (we think!) – to help ensure the best outcome.

Download the Local Pledge(pdf, 68KB)

What is it?

The Local Pledge is a very simple document that invites supermarket chains to engage positively with local traders’ groups to explore how best to work together, for mutual benefit. Supermarkets that want to open stores in or near high streets and shopping areas in Richmond are encouraged to:

  • Seek out and engage local business representatives as early as possible in the store’s development process
  • Work with local businesses, explore how best to complement the local trading environment, balancing the needs of their own trading model with local impacts and needs
  • Engage meaningfully in locally-led initiatives that aim to promote local shopping and community spirit
  • Maintain this engagement after opening

The Pledge also places some responsibility on local business groups to engage well with supermarkets. We are offering to initiate and facilitate this initial dialogue if needed.

Although it is not a Planning obligation, supermarkets seeking planning permission will be advised of the Local Pledge during the planning application process.  

By committing to the Local Pledge, supermarket operators can send out a message about their commitment to sustaining local communities. We hope they and local traders’ organisations will take this opportunity to open and maintain a dialogue.

More information

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Updated: 30 November 2021

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