Register of cooling towers

This page lists the cooling towers and their locations found in Richmond upon Thames.

Name Address Enforcing authority
Magistrates Court Parkshot Richmond Health and Safety Executive
Eton House 18-24 Paradise Road Local Authority
LGC LTD 20 Queens Road, Teddington Local Authority
Public Records Office Ruskin Avenue, Richmond Health and Safety Executive
Regency Cleaners 18 Hill Street, Richmond Health and Safety Executive
Stag Brewery Lower Richmond Road SW14 Health and Safety Executive
Teddington Studios Broom Road Teddington Health and Safety Executive
Process House 36 Paradise Road, Richmond, TW9 1SE Local Authority
Parkshot House 5 Kew Road, Richmond Local Authority
Crystal Cleaners 24 High St, Whitton, TW2 7LS Health and Safety Executive

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Updated: 20 March 2019