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Use this form to ask a question to be considered at the next Full Council meeting.

Before you start

Questions must either:

  • relate to the general work or procedure of the Council
  • concern some matter in which the Council has powers or duties, or
  • concern a matter which specifically affects the Borough.

Your question must be fewer than 100 words.

This form must be received no later than 12 noon on the day before the day of the Council meeting (usually a Monday).

What happens next

The Chief Executive may reject questions if they relate to a specific Planning or Licensing application, if they contain arguments or expressions of opinion, or are offensive, defamatory or frivolous.

Questions may also be rejected if they are substantially the same as a question put at a Council meeting in the past 6 months.

If not rejected, you will be given the opportunity to ask the question in person, along with a supplementary question.

Submit a question

Medium - This form usually takes a few minutes to complete

Updated: 3 July 2018