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Speaking at Regulatory Committee

You may make representations to the Regulatory Committee on substantive items on the agenda, provided you have registered your intention to speak in advance.

How it works

You will be allowed to speak for up to three minutes, or longer at the Chairman’s discretion.

Up to six speakers are allowed per agenda item, with speakers being taken in the order in which they have registered. Requests to speak will be taken from when the agenda is published.

The Chairman does have the discretion to allow more speakers to register should it be in the public interest to do so. For example, if there is a proposed change to a current, or the introduction of a new policy, that has attracted a lot of interest from a range of sources. 

Written representations

If the maximum amount of speakers has been met, or you are unable to attend a meeting and wish to make representations, you can do this by making your submission to the Committee Manager by 12pm one working day before the meeting.

Register to speak

To register contact the Committee Manager by 12pm one working day before the meeting, stating on which item(s) you wish to speak.

The Committee Manager’s contact details can be found on the Committee Agenda.

Alternatively, you can contact Democratic Services:

Telephone: 020 8891 7183

Updated: 06 July 2017