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The following information is for Richmond upon Thames only. Find out where Blue Badge holders can park in other local authorities.

You must not cause an obstruction or danger to pedestrians or other road users, and there are some places that you cannot park.

Disabled bays

There are a number of disabled bays on-street in the borough, where any Blue Badge holder may park. 

Controlled parking

You can park in bays within Controlled Parking Zones without payment and without a time limit, as follows:

  • In resident permit holder parking places
  • In business permit holder parking places
  • In permit holder parking places
  • In permit holder shared-use parking places

Pay and display

You can park in pay and display, pay by phone and voucher bays without payment or time limit.

Free parking bays

You can park in free parking bays without a time limit.

Twickenham event days

On Twickenham Event Days, all Blue Badge holders are permitted to park within Controlled Parking Zone R.

The stadium has facilities for disabled parking, however, these are limited and need to be applied for in advance.

Yellow lines

You may park on a single or double yellow line without payment for up to three hours, provided that no loading prohibition is in force (shown by signs and kerb blips on street).

You must display your clock set to the time of your arrival with your Blue Badge. Both clock and badge must be clearly visible from outside the vehicle.

Car parks

Blue Badge holders can park in our car parks without paying and without time limit.

Proximity Pass

If you regularly park in one of our car parks (with a barrier exit), you can purchase a Proximity Pass which will automatically open the barrier when you leave. For further information about how to get a Proximity Pass, email

Restrictions for Blue Badge holders

You cannot park in:

  • Red Routes
  • Bus lanes
  • Car club bays
  • Electric charging point bays (unless for the process of re-charging a vehicle)
  • Taxi ranks
  • Loading bays or a place restricted by a loading ban (as indicated by single, or double-yellow kerb blips and a white sign showing the hours of restriction)
  • Parking bays reserved for other types of vehicle (such as ambulances, taxis, doctors, motorcycles)

You should not drive or park in a cycle lane.

Updated: 18 May 2023

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