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Twickenham rugby and event parking

When events are held at Twickenham Stadium, it can cause problems in terms of transport and parking for local residents, businesses and their visitors.

Timetable of events

Zone hours are 11am to 11pm on event days.

Events at Twickenham Stadium
Date Fixture Kick off Crowd
Saturday 30 December 2023 Harlequins Big Game   82,000
Saturday 10 February 2024 England v Wales 4.45pm 82,000
Saturday 9 March 2024 England v Ireland 4.45pm 82,000

Event day restrictions

When very large crowds are expected on an event day (for example 25,000 or more), we introduce the 'Twickenham Event Zone' also known as Controlled Parking Zone (R). This is a one-day Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) around Twickenham Stadium.

  • Where the crowds expected are more than 30,000, the full CPZ(pdf, 2644KB) is usually implemented covering a large number of roads in the area.
  • Where the crowds expected are around 30,000, a small sub-CPZ(pdf, 721KB) is implemented covering a small number of roads immediately opposite the stadium.

The days the Zone will be in operation are sign-posted well in advance at the Zone entry points, and on major routes into the area.

Local residents, businesses and their visitors

Residents and businesses within the Twickenham Event (R) Zone, can apply for free one-year permits for themselves and their visitors. Find out how to apply.

Permit holders for the Heatham (HM), Cole Park (C), Whitton Road (WR), Whitton South (WS) and Whitton Central (WC) Zones do not need additional permits for event days, as their normal permits will be valid as long as they are displayed correctly.

When there is no event, only those vehicles displaying a valid HM/R, C/R, WR, WS or WC permit (resident/business or visitor) will be entitled to park throughout these zones when they are in operation. Zone R permits will not be valid during the days and times that these zones operate.

Zone R Resident Permits and Resident Visitor Permits will continue to be valid solely when Zone R is in operation.


Visitors to the area are free to drive in, although we strongly recommend that you use public transport whenever possible.

Some of our car parks are open on event days, for details visit car parks. There are also other private car parks close to the Stadium.

Road closures

If pedestrian and vehicular traffic conditions require, temporary road closures will be put in place in a number of roads around the stadium before kick off and after the final whistle. Roads that could be affected include Rugby Road, Whitton Road (between London Road and Kneller Road), and London Road (between King Street and Whitton Road).

Closures typically take place around 1.5 to 2 hours before and after an event. The timings and duration will depend on the level of pedestrian traffic and the time of the event.

Disabled parking

On event days, Blue Badge holders are permitted to park within the Twickenham Event (R) Zone.

Illegal parking

If you illegally park within Twickenham Event (R) Zone, during operating hours, you may be liable for a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

Further information

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Updated: 29 August 2023

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