Asbestos waste in residential properties

Asbestos materials can be highly dangerous, even fatal, under certain circumstances. If the materials become broken or damaged asbestos fibres can get into the air and be inhaled.

Asbestos in your home

If you discover asbestos in your home it's best to seek advice immediately. ARCA (Asbestos Removal Contractors Association) can help you find an authorised contractor to remove it.

Do not place asbestos waste into dustbins, it will not be collected and must be disposed at a site licensed to accept it (details below). You cannot dispose of asbestos waste at Townmead Road Re-use and Recycling Site.

Collection service

The City of London operates a Household Hazardous Waste Collection and Disposal Service (HHWCDS) on our behalf. Residents are able to arrange the collection of cement asbestos providing it is double wrapped and sealed in building sacks. The City of London are not able to dismantle or wrap asbestos for you - this must be done prior to collection.

Residents are entitled to one asbestos collection per year. You may be required to pay towards a collection, depending on the quantity to be disposed of.

You are able to arrange a collection online (you will have to register to use this service) or by phone on 020 7332 3433.

Bring site

Residents can take their asbestos to the West London Waste Site, Abbey Road, London, NW10 7TJ who operate a disposal service on our behalf.

You must ensure that you:

  • Try to keep the sheets in one piece
  • Double wrap and seal the waste in building sacks
  • Report to the weighbridge upon arrival
  • Take your Council Tax Bill and Driving Licence with you

If you fail to comply with these requirements, entry may be denied. There will be a charge involved. This would depend on the quantity you are disposing of.

Through a commercial operator

If you employ a commercial operator to remove and dispose of your asbestos waste, they must be a licensed carrier and the waste must be disposed of at an approved site. As a householder you have a duty of care to obtain a waste transfer note from the operator in accordance with The Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2005. This document must show the name and address of the operator, the operators licence number and vehicle registration, your address and that of the final disposal site.

Reporting fly tipped asbestos

If you suspect that asbestos has been fly-tipped on the street or in a public place please do not touch the waste and report it to us as soon as possible for inspection:

Contact Street Scene Enforcement

Asbestos as commercial waste

Small quantities of cement asbestos produced, or removed by, a tradesman can be disposed of (for a charge) at the West London Waste Site.

Updated: 22 July 2019