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Twickenham Riverside - addressing residents' frequently asked questions

We have responded to some of the frequently asked questions about the Twickenham Riverside project.

If you have any questions which are not covered on this page, please contact the Programme Team.

The current programme

These are the key milestones, which may be subject to change.

  • Submission of a planning application – Summer 2021
  • Work on site commences – Spring 2022

How COVID-19 has affected the project

The redevelopment of Twickenham Riverside remains a priority and as design development is largely desk based, it can progress throughout the COVID-19 lockdown measures.

Why we aren't delaying the start of the project due to COVID-19

The redevelopment of Twickenham Riverside is a priority and has been for many years. Work to progress the design can continue largely as normal and so we are keen to continue to deliver this vision for the local area.

Has the design changed?

There have been a few developments from the concept design shown during the competition, but this was expected as the design was progressed in further detail and in discussion with the Council. The main change is a reduced building footprint, which resulted from conversations with the Environment Agency and their requirements regarding the flood defence wall and flood storage on site.

Please find further information about how the design had to change (pdf, 3.0 MB) as a result of flooding policy requirements.

There was a period of consultation in January to February 2021, the design has also reacted to the comments received.

What is happening with parking, transport, access and servicing?

We made the decision to remove parking from the Embankment in order to open up the riverside to all residents and prioritise people over cars. This decision was taken by Committee in November 2020. A plan has been developed to help mitigate the loss of these spaces and we continue to engage with local stakeholders on this.

How many residential units will there be?

There will be 45 residential units across the two buildings, 50% of which will be affordable homes.

Will you be bringing a developer on board?

It is our intention to develop the scheme itself and to keep control of the site going forward. A paper will go to Committee later this year detailing how the scheme will be delivered.

How will the new scheme accommodate cyclists?

It is one of our ambitions to ensure that this site is accessible for all, including those who favour active modes of transport. Information on the cycle routes can be found in the the planning application documents.

How will the design improve connections between the high street and the river?

The design has significantly widened Water Lane and provides views of Eel Pie Island bridge from the King Street. It is hoped that the view and inviting architecture and design in conjunction with commercial units on Water Lane will draw people down towards the riverside.

The riverside will also be host to a variety of activities, further strengthening the sites position as a destination spot and encouraging people come and enjoy the riverside and Twickenham.

How will the design attract children and young people?

The design includes a variety of amenities for children and young people, including a play area, natural play, open lawn, pétanque pitches, outside games and potential for river based activities. We hope young people will enjoy and utilise the open space to socialise and participate in recreational activities. As the design develops, we will continue to ensure that the enjoyment of all ages is considered.

Will the Council re-provide the Diamond Jubilee Gardens?

Yes, we will be re-providing the Diamond Jubilee Gardens which are central to the scheme. The new gardens feature as the central communal space in the scheme. We are working with the Twickenham Riverside Trust who hold a lease for the current gardens area.

Local charity, the Twickenham Riverside Trust, has a lease on the existing Diamond Jubilee Gardens which expires in 2139. The gardens are designated ‘charitable land’ and form part of the proposed development site. 

The Charity Commission requires the Trust to consult the public before the Commission can issue an Order to permit the Trust to make material changes to its lease. 

If you are interested in sharing with the Trust how and why the Twickenham Riverside is important to you, please email the Trust directly at, and you will receive a return email with details of the Trust's consultation.

Is the scheme going to be sustainable?

The scheme will be BREEAM Excellent.

Answers to questions from the January online events

In January 2021 two online events were held during the consultation period. Responses to questions submitted in the chat function, which there was not time to address during the meeting.

Updated: 10 September 2021