The Teddington/Strawberry Hill area parking study

In response to residents’ requests, we have been reviewing parking over a large area of Teddington and Strawberry Hill. This has involved consultations on the possibility of implementing parking controls.

In March 2022 the decision was made to implement a number of new Controlled Parking Zones in this area, and for further consultations to be held. You can read about the full consultation process on this page.


This review follows the receipt of requests (including petitions) from residents, asking for a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) to be implemented in their roads to alleviate the difficulties residents are regularly experiencing in finding a parking space near to their home due in part to the parking of vehicles by non-residents (all day commuters and/or short and long stay parking). 

Having considered the petitions and the overall parking situation, we decided to consult these roads and to include some adjacent roads, which may be affected by any change  – see yellow area on the attached drawing.

Consultation 1

The consultation opened on Friday 24 January and ended on Friday 20 March 2020.

The deadline was extended due to the addition of some properties to the consultation area.

Copies of the consultation documents are below:


View the consultation results (pdf, 2.2 MB)


The Transport and Air Quality Committee met on Thursday 14 January 2021. View the report below (item 34):

The committee approved parking controls in eight areas. These are shown in dark green on the plan below:

Please note these do not necessarily represent the final formation of the CPZ and the operational hours/days are yet to be decided. Residents living the dark green areas will be consulted on final proposals. Those living in the areas shaded light green are to be asked if they would like their road to be included in these areas. Some additional roads may be added to this list.

Next steps

  • Officers to prepare proposals for new CPZ areas including any revised boundaries to existing CPZs and consultation documents asking for views on firm proposals including refining the preference on operational hours/days and highlighting any potential future design issues
  • Documents to include consultations with existing areas Zone T and the Cedars
  • Officers to provide a list of roads with specific traffic/access problems that warrant longer lengths of double yellow lines than usual (i.e. limited road widths)
  • Share these proposals and draft documentation with ward councillors
  • (Provisional) consultation date with the community on final proposals:  Late-March 2021 to May 2021
  • Extensions of the operational hours/days of existing zones, Vicarage Road CPZ (Zone M1) and Ferry Road CPZ (Zone Z2) to be implemented at the same time as implementation of the above schemes

Consultation 2

Following further work, including consultation with ward councillors, final proposals were made. These include brand new CPZs, the re-drawing of the existing Teddington CPZ (T), which was split either side of the railway line with new roads added to it. The North Teddington CPZ (T1) will also be extended to include Waldegrave Road (High Street to Shacklegate Lane) and Linden Grove.

We consulted properties in these areas where CPZs have been approved to refine preferences regarding which operational hours should apply (areas shaded dark green on the plan).

We also consulted properties in roads outside the CPZ areas, on whether they would wish to be included in the new CPZ (light green shaded area on the plan). View the plan (pdf, 1.3 MB).

Preliminary designs of the CPZ layout are still available in the table below. These are preliminary designs (not final) but are being finalised now in light of the feedback received from the community.

We identified roads where we expect to install some limited yellow lines to maintain access. View roads with access issues (pdf, 150 KB).

An error was reported with letters printed for the T1a/Cambridge Road and Zone T (T-IN) areas. These letters were reprinted and redelivered by 24 September.

The consultation opened on Friday 24 September and closed on Sunday 24 October 2021.  

Approved CPZ area
Zone maps Reference
New Fulwell CPZ (Zone FW) (pdf, 1.3 MB) FW-IN
New St Mary's CPZ (Zone SM) (pdf, 1.9 MB) SM-IN
New Teddington CPZ (Zone T) - Bridgeman Road and Cedar Road (pdf, 2.3 MB) T-Bridge
New Teddington CPZ (Zone T) (pdf, 2.3 MB) T-IN
New Teddington CPZ (Zone T1a) (pdf, 1.9 MB) T1a

New Teddington CPZ - Grove Gardens
Zone T1 (pdf, 2.9 MB) / Zone T1a (pdf, 1.9 MB)

Grove Gardens
New Teddington CPZ (Zone T2) (pdf, 2.6 MB) T2
New Teddington CPZ (Zone T3) (pdf, 3.7 MB) T3-IN
Roads outside approved CPZ
Zone maps Reference
New Fulwell CPZ (Zone FW) (pdf, 1.3 MB) FW-OUT
New St Mary's CPZ (Zone SM) (pdf, 1.9 MB) SM-OUT
New Teddington CPZ (Zone T) (pdf, 2.3 MB) T-OUT
New Teddington CPZ (Zone T1) (pdf, 2.9 MB) T1-OUT
New Teddington CPZ (Zone T2) - The Cedars (pdf, 2.6 MB) T2Cedars
New Teddington CPZ (Zone T3) (pdf, 3.7 MB) T3-OUT

What happens next

The consultation closed on Sunday 24 October 2021. All comments received are now being considered, and an analysis of the survey results is underway.

We will then prepare a decision report including recommendations. We will aim to complete this this by the end of the year/early 2022.

Decision to implement

The results of Consultation 2 (held in September/October 2021) were reported to the Council's Transport and Air Quality Committee on Monday 21 March 2022. The Committee agreed to the implementation of a number of new Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs), and for further consultations to be undertaken in the area.

View the update letter (pdf, 742 KB) which contains a summary of the Committee’s decision.

View the Committee report and appendices.

The Council is now preparing the next stages in this review – to implement the approved CPZs and to carry out the consultations as agreed. Further communications will be sent out to affected properties in due course.


Updated: 31 March 2022

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