Teddington parking review 2019 - existing CPZs

We are reviewing the existing CPZs in the Teddington area (T, M1, Z1, Z2 and Z4).


In 2008, the Council implemented the Teddington CPZ (Zone T), operating Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 10.30am.

Since its implementation, we have received feedback on the CPZ from residents, including requests for its days/hours of operation to be increased and for roads outside its boundary to be incorporated into the CPZ.

In recent years, the days/hours of operation have been increased in part of the CPZ in Christchurch Avenue, Waldegrave Road and part of Station Road. Also, the CPZ has been extended to part of Udney Park Road.

We are now reviewing this CPZ as part of a wider review of parking in the Teddington/Strawberry Hill areas (pdf, 563 KB). The review asks residents for their views on the present operation of the zone and whether they wish to change the days/hours of operation. The review will also include zones M1, Z1, Z2 and Z4.


The consultation opened on Friday 24 January and closes Friday 6 March 2020.

Complete the Teddington CPZ (Zone T) survey

Complete the Christchurch Avenue and Station Road (Zone T) survey

Complete the Waldegrave Road (Zone T) survey

Complete the Vicarage Road (Zone M1) survey

Complete the Elleray Road (Zone Z1) survey

Complete the Ferry Road (Zone Z2) survey

Complete the Southfield Gardens (Zone Z4) survey

Updated: 24 January 2020