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Teddington Lock footbridges improvement works

The essential maintenance works to repair the suspension footbridge main structure and lockcut iron truss footbridge will ensure this vital crossing can continue to be used safely for many years to come. 

Why the works are happening now

A principal inspection of both structures was undertaken in 2019. The inspection assessed the condition of the structures and categorised any required interventions. Those classified as ‘safety critical’ or ‘urgent’ have been taken forward and included within the scope of the project.

Phase one of the works began in summer 2023 and involved removing the areas of corrosion, repairing and replacing any steel work across both structures along with the application of a new protective paint system. We have also undertaken repair works to the timber structures on the island between the bridges and on the Ham approach.

Following the removal of the corrosion, we are also carrying out detailed visual inspections of the bearings on lockcut iron truss footbridge. These critical pieces of infrastructure are central to the safe operation of the bridge by allowing them to flex and absorb movement during hot and icy spells of weather. Without this ability to expand and contract due to weather conditions the bridge structure would sustain damage rendering it unsafe.

Phase two includes replacing the Ferry Road approach ramp which will take place in spring 2024.

Bridge access

A bespoke access system has been developed that allows the majority of works to be completed whilst maintaining access across both bridges. However, we will need to restrict access to the bridges when working on the inside of the parapets, due to the bridges' restricted width and when replacing the Ferry Road ramp.

During the first phase of the works, we kept the disruption on the local communities and users of the bridges to a minimum by only restricting access overnight between 9.30pm and 6.30am, Monday to Friday.

The phase one works are nearing completion, so weeknight access restrictions have been lifted. 

Phase two works

The phase two works include replacing the Ferry Road approach ramp. This is a complex phase where we will be installing a dam around the ramp and building a temporary access ramp before we start removing the old ramp. The temporary ramp will then be replaced with the new ramp.  

The works are expected to start on 18 March and should take around six months. During these works we will need to close the bridges as access will not be possible when we detach and reattach the old, temporary and new ramps.  

To keep the disruption on the local communities and users of the bridges to a minimum, we only restrict access over two weekends from Friday evening until Monday morning. Further details of the necessary restrictions will be shared as soon as they have been confirmed.

The first weekend closure will take place roughly six weeks after the start date. We will not restrict access over the bank holiday weekend.

Concurrently with this phase, we intend to respond to any requirements highlighted through the inspections of the bearings on lockcut iron truss footbridge. This will involve a design stage to understand, not only the bearing details, but the temporary works requirements to undertake any bearing replacement.

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Updated: 22 February 2024

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