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We are currently carrying out the following parking consultations in Teddington.

View theĀ area map showing the areas being consulted.


The following consultations begin on Monday 8 July 2024 and end on Sunday 18 August 2024:

  • Sunnyside Road and Princes Road (part) - possible Zone FW extension
  • Zone FW - full review
  • Gomer Gardens - possible Zone T extension
  • Shaef Way, Teddington - possible Zone T2 extension
  • Harrowdene Gardens, Teddington - proposed double yellow lines and possible Zone T2 extension
  • Manor Road area, Teddington - possible Zone T4 extension

More information about these consultations can be found on Have your say.

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Previous consultations

View previous parking consultations in Teddington.

Updated: 05 July 2024

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