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Find out what waste and recycling collection services are available for your school or college.

What we can collect

We can provide local education authority schools and colleges with weekly collection services for:

  • Paper and cardboard recycling
  • Mixed container recycling (glass bottles and jars, food tins and drinks cans, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays, foil)
  • Food waste recycling
  • Green waste composting
  • General waste (non-hazardous)

We can also provide suitable containers for these waste streams where required.

Before taking out a contract, please ensure you have suitable space for the containers to be located and serviced. Containers must be accessible for collection at a reasonable and safe distance from road access, with a smooth and level route for collection operatives to push them to where collection vehicles can wait. We do not collect from locations deemed as unreasonable or inaccessible. If necessary, an officer will visit to assess whether a storage location is suitable or not.

View our charges for these services. We do not charge schools for paper/card, mixed container or food recycling collection or disposal costs, we only charge for container hire. For refuse and garden waste, we charge schools for container hire and collection but not disposal costs. This means that our charges tend to be lower than those quoted by other service providers.

Paper and cardboard recycling

We can provide wheeled paper and cardboard recycling bins upon request and will empty them every week. View details of available bin sizes and hire charges.

Mixed container recycling

We can provide recycling bins for mixed containers upon request and will empty them every week. View details of available bin sizes and hire charges.

Food waste recycling

We can provide recycling bins for food waste and bio-plastic bin liners upon request and will empty them every week.

We can also supply smaller food waste boxes to help schools keep food waste separate from other waste and carry it to the main food waste recycling bin. View details of available bin sizes and hire charges.

Green waste

We can provide wheeled bins or biodegradable sacks for compostable green waste and will collect them every week. View service details including bin hire charges, collection costs and bio-sack purchase costs (which include the related collection charge).

General waste

We can provide wheeled refuse bins upon request and will empty them every week. View details of available bin sizes, collection and hire charges.

Textile recycling for schools

Request a free TRAID textile recycling bank service for your school. Both large metal recycling banks for external usage and small cardboard containers for indoor usage are available.

TRAID have a free educational toolkit for teachers of KS3 and KS4, aiming to encourage education for sustainability. It uses the topic of clothes as a way of encouraging sustainable practices and challenging the throw-away mindset.

Download TRAID Education toolkit

Request collection

To request schools waste and recycling services, or for further details, contact Andrew Reeves, Commercial and Schools Waste Officer:

Telephone: 020 8891 7705

Educational establishments have a legal duty to comply with the waste 'Duty of Care' and observe the 'Waste Hierarchy'.


Schools and colleges are not charged disposal costs for recycling or refuse. Recycling and refuse collections are both weekly.

Recycling container hire charges
Container Charge
1 x 240 litre £19
1 x 360 litre* £32
1 x 770 litre* £64
1 x 1100 litre** £93

*Not available for food or garden waste recycling

**Not available for food waste

Recycling collection is free of charge.

Refuse collection charges 
Container Charge
1 x 240 litre £194
1 x 330/360 litre £246
1 x 600 litre (existing contracts only) £329
1 x 770 litre £383
1 x Chamberlain 940 litre £458
1 x 1100 litre £532
Bulk container 1x1.25 cubic yard (Existing contracts only) £458

Refuse collection charge includes container hire.

All charges are valid until 31 March 2024 and are not subject to VAT.

Customer notice

There are currently no changes to the schools recycling service as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Updated: 01 April 2023

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