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The best way to recycle your food is to keep a small bin (or caddy) in your kitchenYou can order one of these free from the Council or buy one that fits your kitchen design from most homeware shops or online retailers. You could also make your own caddy by reusing suitable container such as an ice cream tub. 

You can then regularly transfer the contents of your caddy to your largeoutdoor food recycling box, which is emptied weekly by recycling crews.

Order food recycling containers

List of food waste items that you can or cannot recycle
Yes No
All solid food waste including cooked food* *Except large bones
Plate scrapings  Liquid food waste, milk or oils
Meat Biodegradable coffee pods
Fish All compostable packaging (not including acceptable caddy liners)
Bakery products Any plastics/bio-plastics
Eggshells Paper apart from caddy lining
Tea bags (excluding plastic ones) Kitchen Roll 
Compostable caddy liners displaying the 'EN13432' seedling logo  Foil or cling film
Paper used for caddy lining  Garden waste

Updated: 13 August 2021

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