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Why it is important to recycle food waste:

  • Richmond wastes over 15,000 tonnes of food each year, over 60% of which was avoidable
  • Eliminating all this avoidable food waste would reduce Richmond’s carbon emissions by around 35,000 tonnes annually. That's equivalent to taking 25,000 cars off the road!
  • The average UK family with children throws away £720 worth of food a year, that is £60 a month. All that food has to be replaced, meaning more shopping, more cooking and more expense
  • Richmond households with weekly food recycling collections currently only recycle about one quarter of their recyclable food waste
  • Food waste can easily be recycled producing biogas which is fed into the National Gas Grid as well as being used to power vehicles.  It also produces a liquid 'digestate' which is used to fertilise farmland
  • Around one-third of all edible food produced across the world is never eaten – enough food to feed 2 billion people
  • Global food waste generates 22 million tonnes of greenhouse gases – that’s four times more than all aeroplanes put together!
  • Food has a high moisture content which makes it unsuitable for disposal with other residual rubbish destined for incineration with energy recovery

Impact of waste on Climate Change

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Updated: 28 April 2023

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