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In October 2018 Ofo announced the suspension of their operations in the borough.

About the scheme

Ofo, the bike sharing scheme with the bright yellow bikes are currently not available to hire within our borough but are still available in selected central London boroughs. The bikes are located and hired using an app. They have an integrated lock and stand, meaning that they don't have to be returned to a docking station. 

Users are encouraged to return them to hubs which are shown clearly on the app but are allowed to park them anywhere you might park a normal bike within the boundaries (shown on the app).

Scheme reduction

Ofo announced they will no longer be in operation in our borough over the winter months as they consolidate their operations to a few central London boroughs.

They will be charging fees for bikes parked outside of their boundaries so please check the app before you ride.


If you find an ofo bike that has been parked inconsiderately, contact the company on 0808 101 7141 or and they will promptly remove it.

Other bikeshare companies are operating in neighbouring boroughs and you may find Mobikes (orange and silver) also available to hire. If you find a Mobike that has been parked inconsiderately, contact the company on 0330 131 9789.

Should either company fail to address any nuisance or obstruction, or for any other questions regarding the scheme, contact us at

Updated: 16 August 2022

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