Abandoned vehicles

There is no legal definition of an 'abandoned vehicle' but the list below shows some of the criteria our inspectors consider.

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Tax disc changes

From 1 October 2014, vehicles are no longer issued with, nor required to display a tax disc in the windscreen of the vehicle. Vehicles still need to be taxed to be on the public road. These details can be checked online using the GOV.UK Vehicle Enquiry tool.

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Abandoned vehicles

A vehicle doesn't need all of these characteristics to be considered abandoned:

  • Whether taxed or not
  • Doors open/unlocked
  • Flat tyres/missing wheels
  • Windows open/broken
  • Burnt out
  • Rusty brake discs
  • Containing waste
  • Significant damage
  • Mould on the inside
  • Stationary for a significant time
  • Missing one or more plates
  • Location of vehicle
  • Details of vehicle held by DVLA
  • Status of land where vehicle is located

Report an abandoned vehicle

You can report an abandoned vehicle online.

Please note that just because a vehicle is poorly parked or is not believed to belong to a resident of the road does not mean it is abandoned. Vehicles are no longer required to display a tax disc.

If a vehicle is in a position causing danger or an obstruction please call the police on 101. The police, not the Council, have the power to immediately tow away such a vehicle.

Claim a vehicle that has been deemed abandoned

To claim your vehicle that has been deemed abandoned, you need to provide evidence of ownership. Evidence must be produced within an agreed timescale or the vehicle will be removed to safe storage.

Report an abandoned bicycle or trolley

You can report an abandoned bicycle to us.

It is the responsibility of supermarkets and stores that provide trolleys for their customers to collect any stray trolleys. Please report these to the nearest appropriate store.

Dispose of a vehicle

We will remove and dispose of an unwanted vehicle free of charge as long as the vehicle is located in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and the owner is a resident in any of the 32 London boroughs.

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