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Hill View Road traffic restriction - resident exemption

We have introduced a resident’s exemption to the existing Monday to Friday 7.30 to 9.30am traffic restriction on Hill View Road, Twickenham.


We received sustained representations from the St Margarets and North Twickenham councillors to consider flexibility for residents in relation to the morning peak period traffic restriction on Hill View Road at the junction of Cole Park Road, operational Monday to Friday, 7.30 to 9.30am.

We also received a petition in 2022 requesting that residents of the Moormead area be permitted access through the existing traffic restriction to reduce inconvenience and journey time.

In response to this, a consultation was undertaken with residents and businesses in a defined area where significant support was received for this change to the existing restriction.

Full details can be found in the delegated decision report.

Exemption permits

If a vehicle is registered at an address within the approved exemption area you can apply for a free exemption permit for up to a maximum of four vehicles per address.


Exemption permits are only available for vehicles registered at a postal address within the exemption area. When using the online form to apply for an exemption permit only eligible postal addresses will be visible in the dropdown menu.

New vehicles or making changes

This process can also be used if you require an exemption for any new or additional vehicle (new car or rental car etc.) once your initial application is made. You will also be asked if you require any vehicle to be removed from the list at this time.


It can take up to 48 hours to process your application and for your vehicle registration number to be added to the exemption list, so it is important that you do not travel through the restriction point until after this time period.

After you apply

After you submit your application you will receive a confirmation email which acts as your virtual permit. There is no need to display this in your vehicle. 

We will only contact you if we need clarity or additional information in relation to your application. If you do not hear from us, your application was successful.

Apply for an exemption permit


If you require any further information about this scheme, email

Updated: 10 November 2023

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