School travel planning

A School Travel Plan (STP) sets out how a school intends to increase levels of walking, cycling and use of public transport for the journey to and from school.

It is developed through a partnership involving the school, the Council (in particular Transport and Education), the health authority and the community.

It is based on consultation and engagement with teachers, parents, pupils, governors/boards and other local people.


A STP gives children, parents and staff alternatives to using the car every day, which in turn means:

  • Improved safety of pupils due to less traffic
  • Less congestion around schools
  • Less pollution around the school and local area
  • Healthier pupils as a result of active travel such as cycling and walking
  • Improvements to cycling and walking routes, such as safer places to cross the road
  • Improved bike storage at schools through local grants and government funding
  • Improved road awareness of pupils
  • Greater staff health and well being
  • Improved journey reliability


The STARS scheme aims to ensure long term commitment to travel planning in schools. The scheme provides incentives and rewards for those who embrace travel planning and demonstrate achievements in their contribution to sustainable travel.


Our Transport Planning and Safety Education teams work closely to offer schools a variety of schemes, projects and campaigns that help promote and encourage healthy, safe and active travel to school.

All of the activities are designed to help schools achieve their STP targets and contribute to achieving STARS accreditation.

Current initiatives include:

Highway improvements

Where hazards exist on walking and cycling routes to school, discussions between the School Travel Champion, School Travel Advisor and stakeholders will determine whether there is a need for further investigation. Schools are encouraged to detail the outcome of this discussion in their STP. Only schools with valid STPs are considered for such works.

Undertaking the works is always subject to funding and includes stages of planning and consultation. Further investigation can result in one of four outcomes:

  • Feasibility study required
  • Works placed on scheme waiting list
  • Works to be scheduled
  • Unsuitable for further investigation

Darell Primary School

Through their STP, Darell School identified the sightlines at the junction of Darell Road and Chilton Road as an issue for pedestrian walking to and from school. As a result the junction has been improved by the footways being widened to improve sightlines and reduce crossing distance. The carriageway has also been resurfaced, tactile paving to assist visually impaired people has been introduced and street lighting has been improved.

View a schematic of Darell Road(pdf, 554KB)


Eco-Schools is an environmental education programme designed to help all schools in Britain become sustainable. To see how you can get involved visit the council’s Go Green website or visit the Eco-Schools website.

Generation Green

Generation Green is a long term programme run by British Gas which aims to make it easy and rewarding for teachers to promote sustainability in the classroom. Lesson plans and teaching resources are available to download.

Through carrying out pieces of work, schools are rewarded with ‘green leaves’. You are able to exchange these for items to assist you improving your schools sustainability.

Updated: 16 August 2018