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The table below shows requests for additional street lighting that we have received.

Status options are:

  • Received
  • Accepted for assessment
  • Rejected so no further action will be taken
  • Approved for assessment

Final decision for all roads will be either approved, completed or rejected. 

Approved requests will be completed within the next 12 months.

Additional street lighting requests - Review 2022
Road Area Date Status Final decision
Manor Park to Manor Gardens passage North Richmond 02/01/2023 Received   
Buckingham Road Petersham 01/03/2022 Received Rejected
Seymour Gardens  Twickenham 23/03/2022 Approved for assessment Accepted
Un-named Rd - Access to RO Ham Common Ham 07/07/2022 Received Rejected
Holmesdale Road Teddington 08/07/2022 Approved for Assesment  
Strawberry Hill Footpath  Twickenham 08/07/2022 Approved for assessment  
Bridge Road  Twickenham 08/07/2022 Approved for assessment  
Selwyn Avenue  Richmond 08/07/2022 Approved for assessment  
Melville Road  Barnes 08/07/2022 Approved for assessment  
The Avenue  Kew 08/07/2022 Approved for assessment  
Mill Road Allotment  Twickenham 08/07/2022 Received Rejected
South Worple Way  East Sheen 08/07/2022 Approved for assessment  
Ducks Walk Twickenham 08/07/2022 Site investigation required  
Tudor Avenue  Hampton 08/07/2022 Approved for assessment  
Alexandra Road  East Sheen 08/07/2022 Received Rejected
Wellington Gardens  Twickenham 08/07/2022 Received Rejected
Fulmer Close  Hampton 08/07/2022 Received Rejected
Bridge Way Whitton 11/07/2022 Approved for assessment  
Paradise Road Richmond 11/07/2022 Received Rejected
Hanworth Road Hampton 11/07/2022 Received Rejected
Footpath - South Western Rd To Moormead Rec Twickenham 11/07/2022 Approved for assessment  
Upper Richmond Road West East Sheen 11/07/2022 Approved for assessment  
Cardinals Walk Hampton 11/07/2022 Received Rejected
Waterloo Place Richmond 11/07/2022 Approved for assessment  
Fulmer Close  Hampton 11/07/2022 Received Rejected
Un-named Rd - Off Conway Road Whitton 13/07/2022 Received Rejected
Worple Way Passage Richmond 15/07/2022 Received Rejected
Ham Common Ham 15/07/2022 Received Rejected
South Western Road Twickenham 18/07/2022 Approved for assessment  
Church Walk Barnes 18/07/2022 Approved for assessment  
Footpath rear of Dancer Road Richmond 18/07/2022 Received Rejected
Gloucester Road Teddington 27/07/2022 Approved for assessment  
Ennerdale Road Richmond 28/07/2022 Approved for assessment  
Westmoreland Close Twickenham 07/08/2022 Received Rejected
Wensleydale Road Hampton 07/08/2022 Approved for assessment  
Strawberry Hill Footpath Twickenham 11/08/2022 Received  
Albany Passage Richmond 01/11/2022 Approved for assessment  
Colston Road Sheen 02/11/2022 Approved for assessment  
Additional street lighting requests - Review 2023
Road Area Location Date Status
Ormond Crescent Hampton Whole road 08/11/2022 Received
Quadrant Road/Little Green Richmond Path between Quadrant Road and Little Green 19/10/2022 Received
Haggard Road Twickenham Path s/o Lesson House, Haggard Road to Richmond Road 27/09/2022 Received

Updated: 10 August 2023

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