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Replacement of street lights and heritage street lights

We have a planned program to replace all life expired lighting columns with new mild steel lighting columns and LED street lights.

Replacement programme

Each new street light is connected to a computer management system allowing efficient monitoring of the electricity used and easier identification of street light faults, each new LED street light uses 60% of the electricity compared to an older style sodium street light significantly reducing the Council’s energy costs each year.

The street light replacement will include the disconnection and removal of the existing lighting column and the connection and installation of new steel lighting column with energy efficient LED street lights.

This work will be carried out by our London Borough of Richmond upon Thames street lighting Direct Labour Organisation.

Each street light is usually replaced on the same day in the same place, some disruption to local parking is required during the replacement, parking notices will be advertised locally.

Heritage street lights

We are offering residents the opportunity to contribute towards the cost of the street lighting replacements and change the style of street lighting columns in their roads to heritage street lights.

We will only accept whole roads to be changed to heritage street lights not individual street lights.


The additional cost to residents to replace each standard street light with a heritage street light is currently £2,050 per street light if the change is requested when we are replacing the existing street lights in your road as part of a planned replacement programme, this cost includes a reduction of £620 for the cost of a standard mild steel lighting column and LED street light.

For roads requesting heritage street lights outside of the planned replacement programme the cost per street light is £3,600. This cost includes the electricity supply transfer, all engineering works to replace the street light and reinstatement of the footway, these costs are paid for by the Council during the planned replacement programme.

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Street lights map

Check our online map to view the location of the street lights and the type of lamps across our borough.



Updated: 16 June 2022

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