Insurance claims

Information on who to contact in the event of a highways insurance claim.

Third party solicitor

All qualifying claims should be submitted directly to the Council insurer Zurich Municipal via the Ministry of Justice claims portal.

Portal ID: Our insurer is Zurich Municipal and our code is C00108. Policy number reference for the CNF is 01E226.

Highways claimant not represented by a solicitor

If you have suffered a personal injury whilst using the public highway and believe this to be a result of the Council’s actions or non-action, then you should write to Traffic and Transport giving as much detail as possible.

We will arrange to inspect the location of the accident. Usually we will meet with you (the claimant) on site. We will then submit a report of the accident to the Council’s insurers.

The Council’s insurers will assess whether they believe the Council is liable and make contact with you. Once the claim has been submitted to the insurer, you should address all correspondence to them to avoid delay.

In respect of non-personal injury claims (such as to property or possessions) then you should contact Traffic and Transport with as much detail as possible.

Updated: 30 March 2015