Child pedestrian safety

We are working towards reducing child pedestrian casualties through a series of education, training and publicity initiatives. We visit nursery schools and playgroups, and have training available in all Borough schools for children from Reception to Year 3.

Streetffeet scene

Nurseries and pre-schools

Through role-play, story telling and lively music, pre-school age children learn the safety basics – holding hands with a grown up, stopping, looking and listening for traffic. The Children’s traffic club is a free resource for all pre-school children.

Key stage one

All Borough schools now have a “Streetfeet” road safety resource for use with infant aged children. This fun activity stresses the importance of finding and using safe places to cross the road such as pelican and zebra crossings, and working out safe routes to and from school.

We also offer scooter training for Key stage one.

Richmond Safe Walking Scheme for year 3 pupils (Key stage two)

In year 3 children are invited to take part in the Richmond Safe Walking pedestrian training scheme. This is a practical road side training course which encourages children to think about the dangers of traffic, understand and deal with hazards and to plan routes that make use of crossing facilities where they are available.

The need to have their parents' permission for crossing roads on their own as they grow up is emphasised. The best way for children to convince their parents that they will be safe is by showing them the lessons they have learned on this training when out and about.

Please contact the Safety Education Team for more information.

Updated: 30 June 2017