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Access and travel advice


Sometimes it’s not easy to get to all the places that you want to visit, particularly if you have a disability or you experience other mobility problems.

We offer mobility training for people with sight loss or visual impairments.


Ask for a seat in any local shop or business displaying the SIT STOP logo.

Richmond Community Toilet Scheme

Accessible toilets in local businesses throughout the borough.

Transport for London Travel Mentoring Service

Helps disabled Londoners to make use of accessible public transport.

National Rail

Information for disabled passengers including travel assistance.

Radar National Key Scheme

Public toilet access for disabled people.

Describe Online

Descriptive text guides to help you use local and national public transport.

Blue Badge Scheme

A Blue Badge is a disabled parking permit which allows people with certain disabilities to park closer to where they need to go.

London Taxi Card

Subsidised door-to-door transport in licensed black taxis and private hire vehicles for people with mobility problems.

Updated: 14 July 2022

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