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Registration of births

It is a legal requirement to register a birth within 42 days. The birth must be registered at the Register Office in the borough where the birth took place.

Admission to the building is strictly limited to customers who have appointments.

Who can register the birth

If parents are married at time of birth or conception:

  • Either the mother or father can register the birth on their own

If parents are not married at time of birth or conception:

  • Both parents can attend and sign the birth register together
  • The mother can register without the father, but his details will not be included. It may be possible to re-register at a later date and add his details
  • If one parent cannot attend the register office, they will need to complete the statutory declaration form, which must be attested by a legal professional (see the accompanying notes on the form). The parent registering the birth should give the completed form to the registrar
  • Where there is a parental responsibility agreement in force or either parent has an appropriate court order, this can be presented at the time of registration

If neither the mother nor the father can attend:

If you are a same sex couple in a civil partnership:

What to bring to your appointment

When attending to register you will be asked questions to take the details needed to complete the entry.

To assist with the accuracy of the information recorded, it would be useful if you could bring the following information with you to your appointment:

  • Baby's NHS number or Red Book
  • Passport / driving licence / identity card for baby’s parent(s), together with any change of name deed or deed poll
  • Marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • Council Tax or utility bill as proof of address

If the baby was born outside the borough

We cannot register the birth, or issue a birth certificate, if the baby was not born in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

To locate the Register Office where the baby can be registered, please visit GOV.UK.

Alternatively, you can 'make a declaration' to the registrar at Richmond Register Office:

  • The Registrar will take the details of the birth and send signed paperwork to the Register Office of the borough where the birth took place
  • The birth will be registered at that Register Office, and the certificate(s) will be posted to you by that office, approximately 10 days after your appointment
  • You will need to contact the receiving office to ask how payments for certificates can be made. We cannot accept payment on their behalf
  • Please bring the baby's NHS number or Red book (although there is no legal requirement it can be helpful)
  • There is no requirement to bring the baby to the appointment
  • Please note that if you choose to make a declaration, the birth will not be registered at this office, and we will not hold any records or be able to provide copy certificates, either at the time of taking the details or in the future

If the baby was born in the borough

If the baby was born in the borough of Richmond upon Thames, the birth must be registered at Richmond upon Thames Register Office.

Please complete a birth registration enquiry form with the required details, and a registrar will contact you within five working days to make an appointment.

What to bring:

  • Bring the baby’s NHS number or Red Book (although there is no legal requirement it can be helpful)
  • There is no requirement to bring the baby to the appointment


  • The certificate(s) will be issued at the appointment
  • Payment is required for any full certificates required - £11 per copy
  • A short birth certificate can be issued for a fee of £11 (but a full certificate is required for passport applications)
  • Further copies of certificates can be issued at a later date, as the record of the birth will remain at this office

Details asked by the Registrar

You will be asked to provide the following details:

  • The baby’s name, date and place of birth
  • The parents’ names, places of birth, occupations, and addresses

The Registrar will also ask the following, however the answers will not appear on the birth certificate:

  • If the parents were married to each other at the time of the birth, and the date of the marriage
  • If the mother has had any previous children
  • The parents’ date of birth

If you do not speak or understand English, please bring someone who can translate for you.


It will cost up to £90 to correct a mistake in a birth registration.

It is your responsibility to provide accurate information at the registration and check the record carefully. Your signature is your confirmation that the entry is correct.

Naming ceremony

A naming ceremony is a lovely way to celebrate the birth of a child, or the formation of a new family by welcoming an adopted child or step children. The ceremony can be held for a child or children of the same family up to 18 years of age.

Updated: 09 January 2024

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