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The Richmond health walks are free, organised group walks for people who are currently not very active but would like to increase their physical activity.

Richmond Health walks

Note: The Ramblers Wellbeing Walks team is aware that there is an issue when you search for a walk from a location that it returns information on the walk that is closest to you (in distance) and not the most recent walk. They are working on this and will keep groups updated as and when this is resolved.

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Who health walks are for

The walks are for people of all ages who want to get more active.

What to expect

These gentle walks take place in groups and provide a safe and social atmosphere.

Each walk lasts between 45 and 70 minutes and will be led by a trained walk leader volunteer. You will be encouraged to go at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Shorter and slower walks are also available for beginners and those with limiting health conditions.

How to join

Simply come along to the starting point 10 minutes before the stated start time. The first time you attend you will be asked to complete a brief health questionnaire.

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms you must not attend the group walk.


There are walks every day of the week throughout the year except Saturdays and public holidays.


Contact us at if you have any queries.

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Updated: 27 February 2023

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