Response to Government consultations

The Council will respond to Government consultations or other planning consultations such as those being carried out by the Greater London Authority and the Mayor of London as required.

Below you can find documents that have been prepared and submitted by Richmond Council in response to consultations since October 2020.

Government consultation on 'National Planning Policy Framework and National Model Design Code'

Government ran a consultation from 30 January 2021 until 27 March 2021 on draft revisions to the National Planning Policy Framework and a new draft National Model Design Code.

Summary of the proposed changes to the NPPF:

  • Implements policy changes in response to the Building Better Building Beautiful Commission recommendations
  • Makes a number of changes to strengthen environmental policies, including on flood risk
  • Includes minor changes to clarify policy in order to address legal issues
  • Includes changes to remove or amend out of date material
  • Includes an update to reflect a recent change made in a Written Ministerial Statement about retaining and explaining statues
  • Clarification on the use of Article 4 directions

The purpose of the National Model Design Code is to provide detailed guidance on the production of design codes, guides and policies to promote successful design. It is intended to form part of the government’s planning practice guidance. Views were sought in terms of:

  • The content of the guidance
  • The application and use of the guidance, and
  • The approach to community engagement

View our submissions:

Government consultation on 'Supporting housing delivery and public service infrastructure'

Government published a consultation on 3 December 2020 on 'Supporting housing delivery and public service infrastructure'.

This includes:

  • A new permitted development right for a change of use to residential to create new homes;
  • Measures to provide public service infrastructure more quickly through expanded permitted development rights and a new streamlined planning application process for hospitals, schools and prisons;
  • The approach to simplifying and consolidating existing permitted development rights following changes to the Use Classes Order.

The Government’s proposals were considered by the Council’s Environment, Sustainability, Culture and Sports Committee at its meeting on 13 January 2021

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Government consultation on ‘Planning for the Future’ (Planning White Paper)

Government undertook a 12-week consultation from 6 August until 29 October 2020 on Planning for the Future. The Planning White Paper proposes radical reforms to the planning system.

The Government’s proposals for significant reform of the planning system were considered by the Council’s Environment, Sustainability, Culture and Sports Committee at its meeting on 17 September 2020.

See below our submissions:

Government consultation on ‘Changes to the current planning system’

Government undertook a consultation from 6 August until 1 October 2020 on Changes to the current planning system. This consultation sets out proposals for measures to improve the effectiveness of the current planning system, including changes to the standard method for assessing local housing need; securing of First Homes through developer contributions; supporting small and medium-sized builders by temporarily lifting the small sites threshold below which developers do not need to contribute to affordable housing; and extending the current Permission in Principle to major development.

The Government’s proposed changes to the current planning system were considered by the Council’s Environment, Sustainability, Culture and Sports Committee at its meeting on 17 September 2020, alongside the proposals set out in the Planning White Paper.

See below our submissions:

Updated: 21 June 2021

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