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Town centres, retail and leisure

The planning system places an emphasis on undertaking research to inform planning policies. We have prepared and commissioned a number of studies which provide advice and information on town centres, retail and leisure.

Retail and Leisure Needs Assessment 2021-2022

We have commissioned Lichfields to undertake a Retail and Leisure Needs Assessment to inform the new Local Plan.

The Phase 1 report is available below. This report provides an overview of trends and recent changes that will affect the demand for main town centre uses, updates the retail and food/beverage floorspace capacity assessment and assesses other main town centre uses including the scope for leisure, entertainment and cultural uses.

View Leisure and Retail Needs Study - Phase 1 (2021) (pdf, 980 KB)

A later Phase 2 report will provide a more detailed qualitative assessment of the need for new retail, leisure and other main town centre uses within LBRuT. Phase 2 will be completed in early 2022.

Previous studies

View the earlier Town Centre Health Checks (2013), the Retail Study (2014), Distribution of Convenience Provision: Identifying Gaps in Provision and Analysis of Town and Local Centres 2006/7 (incorporating health checks for main town centres).

Other studies

View the following studies relating to hotels and the introduction of permitted development right for change of use from shop to financial services:

Updated: 10 December 2021

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