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The Local Economic Assessment(pdf, 4446KB) takes a holistic view of how the Borough's economy works and connects to other places and issues. It does this by examining issues from the perspectives of residents, businesses and visitors, taking account of the vast range of data and knowledge that is currently available, alongside appropriate projections.

About the LEA

The LEA covers issues including types of business sectors, business growth, employment, workforce data, qualifications and commuting.

It is not a policy or a strategy: it does not put forward a view of the Council’s priorities. However, it forms an important part of the Council’s evidence base that is used to inform policies and plans. It is also a useful document for business people that need local information for their business planning.

Although the LEA was carried out in 2010, much of its messages are constant. We also publish data and reports that supplement and update this Assessment. A quarterly Economic Indicators report is available though DataRich.


Economic Development
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Updated: 01 July 2021

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