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The Mayor of London's Community Infrastructure Levy

In addition to a local authority setting its own CIL, the Mayor of London is also empowered to charge a CIL for strategic transport.


The Mayor has formally approved a new charge, which takes effect on Monday 1 April 2019 for the funding of Crossrail and Crossrail 2.

The Mayor  currently imposes a CIL charge of £50 per square metre, to be increased to £80 per square metre under the new charging schedule, in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames against all but health, education and affordable housing floorspace. CIL will be calculated according to the amount of net additional floorspace a new development will produce.

Your development is likely to be liable for the Mayoral CIL if it:

  • consists of buildings to which people usually go, so it does not apply to buildings to which people only go occasionally to inspect plant, or development that does not consist of buildings; and
  • has 100 square metres or more of gross internal floorspace;or
  • comprises a dwelling even where this is below 100 square metres.

For each relevant planning permission, the Council (and all other London Boroughs) are required to calculate the appropriate amount and issue a liability notice. The Council is then required to collect the payments on behalf of the Mayor once development commences.

The Planning Portal have developed a series of CIL forms that must be completed by the applicant when submitting a planning application.

Detailed information on the Mayoral CIL can be found on the Mayor’s CIL website.

Updated: 21 June 2021