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Report a breach of planning control

Use this form to report an alleged breach of planning control. Your complaint will be treated as confidential, but we do ask also that you supply details of your name and address, as anonymous complaints will not normally be pursued.

Before you start

Before formalising your complaint, make sure you read the frequently asked questions and answers that will help you understand how enforcement powers operate.

You will need to include

  • The nature of the contravention
  • Its address and location
  • What harm you feel it causes
  • What you think should be done to overcome that harm.

What happens next

  1. Within 3 working days we will acknowledge your request and a planning officer will be assigned the investigation.
  2. We will make arrangements to visit the site within 1, 5 or 10 working days depending on the severity of the breach. Our priorities are set out in our adopted enforcement policy(pdf, 435KB).
  3. Within 15 working days we will report back to you with our findings. The case-officer will explain if a breach of planning control has occurred and what action (if any) the Council is likely to take. If no breach of planning control is found or if the breach causes little or no harm in planning terms, the investigation may be recommended for closure.
  4. Where further enforcement action is required we will aim to resolve the breach within 6 months. If the case is complex in nature or if an appeal is lodged, a final resolution may take longer.
  5. Investigations are dealt with confidentially although you may be asked to provide written statements or attend Court hearings if formal action is warranted.

Details of all valid planning enforcement cases will be published online. This service is currently unavailable.


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Updated: 23 July 2021

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