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Apply to speak at a Planning Committee

Members of the public are welcome to speak about specific applications at Planning Committee meetings.

Before you start

You must register to speak in advance by 12 noon two working days before the meeting. You are able to speak at Planning Committee in person or virtually via Microsoft Teams. Presentation material must be submitted in advance by the same deadline and should be limited to just photographs, drawings and images (text and transcripts of your speech will not be accepted). View the meetings calendar.

Please note that the number of speakers are limited per application:

  • Householder applications: maximum of four speakers (two for and two against the proposal).
  • Non-householder applications: maximum of six speakers (three for and three against the proposal).
  • Major applications: the maximum number of speakers will be set by the Chair on a case by case basis, with a default number of six speakers (three for and three against the proposal).
  • Enforcement cases: three speakers both for and against enforcement.

Interested councillors will also be allowed to speak on applications in addition to the above limits.

If the limit on the number of speakers is exceeded, you will need to liaise with other registered speakers in order to agree who will speak. If a decision cannot be reached, priority to speak will normally be given to neighbours directly adjacent to the application site and to representatives of residents’ associations.

What happens next

The best way to register to speak is using the online form below. If you are unable to register using the form, please call Democratic Services on 020 8891 7183.

If you are speaking in person, you are advised to arrive at the Salon, York House before 7pm as the public gallery is often at capacity for the first items of the agenda.

Note: You will only be able to register to speak once the meeting agenda has been published.

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Updated: 15 December 2023

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