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Report a problem with a tree

Use this form to tell us about a dead, dying or dangerous tree, damage by roots, obstructed signs and other faults relating to trees.

Before you start

Check this is the right way to report the problem. You should:

  • Call 020 8891 7999 if the fault is an emergency and you are reporting it out of hours (after 5pm Monday to Friday, or on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays)
  • Contact the relevant housing association directly if the tree is within a social housing development
  • Report any fault relating to a Red Route (A316 or A205) directly to Transport for London (TfL) - any reports we receive will be passed on to TfL along with your contact details

You will need

To be able to describe the location of the tree and the fault with the tree.

What happens next

We will investigate the tree. The timescales for our investigation will vary depending on the fault reported.

We may contact you for further information if you provide contact details.

Start my report

Short - this form shouldn't take long to complete.

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Updated: 28 November 2023

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