Allotment waiting list

It is very difficult to say how long the expected waiting time will be for each allotment site or to give an exact number on the waiting lists as this is constantly changing.

Waiting list information by site

To help give you an indication, the waiting list spreadsheet (MS Excel, 12 KB) shows the number of plots on each site, the number of new plot holders starting over the past 3 years, the date of application for the next person to be contacted when a plot is available and the total number of applicants waiting for each site up to September 2017.

You will be contacted when your name is near the top of the list.

Keep us updated

Please remember to update us on any change in contact details, or if you no longer wish to have an allotment. This will allow us to have a more accurate picture of our waiting lists.

Updated: 1 March 2018