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If you live in the borough and have a RingGo cashless parking account, you can get 30 minutes free parking in our on-street 'paid-for' parking bays (Pay and Display/pay by phone bays). You will need to apply for residency status in your 'MyRingGo'.

You can only park for a single session for a period of up to 30 minutes. If you wish to park for longer you must pay for the total duration of your stay.

You can take advantage of free 30 minute parking sessions throughout the day, but they must start at least one hour apart. The RingGo booking system will not accept a free booking unless one hour has elapsed since your last free session. You can however, still pay for your parking during this time.

If you have a Band A vehicle (one which has emissions of 100g/km or under) you are entitled to a discount of 50% on resident parking permit charges and a 50% discount on on-street ‘paid for’ parking bays (Pay and Display/pay by phone bays), up to the maximum stay period. RingGo automatically recognises these vehicles when you register for residency status. You can check if your vehicle qualifies via

You must still observe the 'maximum stay period', which may be in force at any car park or on-street parking bay.

Apply for residency status

Charges for text messages

If you have signed up to text alerts with RingGo, RingGo will charge 25p per text message. This also applies to text alerts for 30 minutes free parking.


You will need to upload proof of residency to your application. Applications will be processed within two working days. If you are unable to submit proofs online, please email them or post them to:

Parking Permits
PO Box 466


Residency status on RingGo must be renewed annually. To do this you should log in to the RingGo website or app, or follow the link in the renewal email you have been sent.

If you have any problems with renewing your residency status, please email


For further information you should contact RingGo.

Updated: 11 July 2024

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