About Controlled Parking Zones

A Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) is an area where on-street parking is restricted during specified times. Introducing a CPZ is a way of dealing with parking problems and making our environment safer.


  • Prevents all-day commuter parking
  • Reduces the number of abandoned vehicles
  • Improves access for vehicles especially emergency service and refuse vehicles
  • Improves highway safety and reduces inconsiderate and indiscriminate parking
  • Generally improves parking conditions for the community
  • Encourages the use of vehicles that produce low CO2 emissions


  • Displacement effect to nearby uncontrolled roads
  • Having to pay for a parking permit
  • Street clutter (signs and lines)
  • Can reduce on-street parking space
  • Does not guarantee a parking space to permit holders

Updated: 29 October 2018