Whitton area car parks

There is one council-run car park in the Whitton area.

Nelson Road

Postcode: TW2 7BB
Nelson Road car park
Bays available:
64 Car, 4 Disabled, 1 Motorcycle
Hours of operation:
Mon to Sat - 8.30am to 5pm. This car park is accessible and free to park in outside of these hours.
Maximum stay:
3 hours during operational hours

Nelson Road car park tariffs
Period Standard Resident under 75* Resident over 75*
Up to 30 minutes £0.35 £0.30 £0.25
Up to 1 hour £0.70 £0.60 £0.55
Up to 1 hour 30 minutes £0.95 £0.85 £0.75
Up to 2 hours £1.25 £1.15 £1.00
Up to 2 hours 30 minutes £1.65 £1.50 £1.30
Up to 3 hours £1.95 £1.75 £1.55

Bank Holidays: free

* Residents with a RichmondCard or who have registered with RingGo can get free parking for stays of up to 30 minutes, or pay the reduced tariffs for longer stays. Residents with Band A vehicles and a RichmondCard or RingGo account can get free parking for any stay up to the maximum for the car park.

RingGo code: 5304
Season ticket (per quarter): £50.40

Up to:

Updated: 31 March 2019