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Library strategy - Our strategies and outcomes

We will focus our future offers and activities on the following six core strategic priorities in order to achieve the desired outcomes for residents via high-quality, responsive and inclusive services.

Inspiring a community of readers at all ages

  • Encouraging reading for pleasure at all ages
  • Providing free accessible high-quality books, eBooks, resources curated by professional specialist librarians
  • Offering an annual programme of creative reading promotions and events for adults and children
  • Improving literacy in children and adults for better life chances
  • Strengthening links with local educational and childcare facilities for partnership working
  • Supporting national and local literacy initiatives for all ages, from under 5s to senior citizens
  • Ensuring a high-speed reservation service to meet customer expectations on delivery of materials

Outcome - Adults and children extend their reading experiences and foster a love of reading for pleasure.

Empowering learners and bridging the digital divide

  • Ensuring residents are given opportunities to participate in informal learning and fulfil their aspirations
  • Offering free public computers and tablets, internet and Wi-Fi access
  • Promoting and supporting digital citizenship
  • Supporting vulnerable residents back into work and helping them navigate online systems for daily life
  • Keeping pace with technology, ensuring services are innovative and responsive to evolving need
  • Being responsive to the needs of resident groups, such as students, homeworkers and entrepreneurs who may have different needs post pandemic

Outcome - Individuals aspire to and reach their learning goals

Supporting health, well-being, and inclusion

  • Contributing to the mental and emotional wellbeing of residents
  • Acting as a safe stepping stone for residents returning to their lives during the pandemic recovery
  • Developing partnerships with local health and wellbeing agencies (incl. the voluntary sector) to deliver improved health outcomes
  • Providing targeted services to respond to particular health needs, including dementia, help combat social isolation and loneliness in vulnerable residents
  • Supporting residents with mental health needs with targeted resources and safe, welcoming cool/warm spaces
  • Working in partnership with youth services / wellbeing agencies targeting young people potentially at risk
  • Developing more recreational events for residents with long term debilitating illnesses
  • Creating welcoming environments for all users, including provision of quality user friendly public facilities that are cool in summer and warm in winter

Outcome - Local people have an improved sense of health and wellbeing

Opportunities for cultural and creative enrichment

  • Supporting and engaging with the Cultural Strategy (2021-2031)
  • Working collaboratively with the local Arts Team, Parks Team and other cultural departments to deliver joint outcomes
  • Offering and encouraging creative and cultural experiences for all ages
  • Providing opportunities for people to meet and share in the social life of their local community
  • Celebrating the shared and differing cultures and rich heritage of the borough
  • Working to demonstrate a cohesive community feel to services to encourage diverse users

Outcome - Communities explore and celebrate their rich cultural and creative heritage

Promoting sustainable choices

  • Leading by example and action within the community on environmental issues
  • Maintaining high-quality book stock for loan/sharing in the community as a model of sustainability
  • Working to make library buildings more sustainable and energy efficient, including opportunities for energy generation
  • Working towards more sustainable electric library vehicles
  • Creating opportunities for learning in the community focused on climate change for residents
  • Providing value for money services, with data to show value added and impact made
  • Working in partnership with like-minded organisations to deliver sustainable community initiatives

Outcome - Communities are working together for a sustainable future

Instilling a sense of pride and belonging

  • Celebrating local people and the borough of Richmond upon Thames
  • Making libraries the focal points for communities, acting as gateways to other services
  • Providing employment, career pathways and volunteering opportunities for local people
  • Modelling authenticity in the workforce to encourage recruitment of diverse team members
  • Supporting the development of the local economy and small businesses
  • Supporting town centre vitality from a position at the heart of the community
  • Collecting and making accessible the rich history of the local area

Outcome - Local people are proud of their area, their communities and their library services

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Updated: 21 April 2023

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