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Library service customer comments and responses

Queries received by the Library Service.


How can I get a job in the Library Service?

The library posts all vacancies on our jobs page. For further information about work experience and volunteering, email or visit our volunteering pages. For more jobs in Library and Information services visit or


Can you provide longer access time on the computers?

In setting the parameters for free computer use in libraries, we have to balance the desire of our users to maximise their own personal use of our PCs with the need to limit the time available so as many users as possible can benefit from our IT equipment. We have experimented with different settings and have found that our current parameters balance the needs of individual users with equal access for all. Free unlimited Wi-Fi is available in every library.

Is Wi-Fi available in libraries?

Free unlimited WiFi is available in all libraries. A password is required to login which is displayed at each library. Our Children’s Wi-Fi network is open to anyone with a London Grid for Learning (LGfL) Universal Sign On (USO). USOs are issued by individual schools on the LGfL network to their pupils, staff, parents and governors.

Can you provide more power points for laptops?

Unfortunately we are currently unable to provide additional power points for laptops.


More classics are needed in libraries

Librarians always purchase new editions of classics when they are reissued. They also make every effort to replace those volumes that are worn out or damaged. The store at Twickenham Library also provides a further source of minor works, or extra copies which can be accessed through Twickenham Library or the reservation system.

Less books inspired by trivia and passing fads

The stock in Richmond Libraries is reflective of the titles currently being published commercially. Books on popular culture are purchased in response to customer requests. Librarians monitor the usage of the stock in libraries and reduce the levels of items that are less well borrowed by customers. Popular stock will continue to be purchased to satisfy demand and to retain a balanced stock overall.

More science books

Science is a wide subject area. Popular science is covered extensively within the library service's stock: the stock ranges from introductory level science books at our smallest libraries up to undergraduate level books at our largest libraries. Further details are given in our stock policy.

We are always happy to consider recommendations from readers. Stock suggestions can be made through our online catalogue.

DVDs are too expensive and overdue charges are excessive

We are currently investigating different charging models, which would provide a cheaper option to customers who pay a subscription.


Customer Toilets

We are aware of the need to have public toilet facilities in our libraries for the benefit of our users so, as buildings are refurbished, we do install public facilities wherever possible. Teddington and Hampton Hill Libraries now have fully accessible public toilets.

Libraries are too noisy

Libraries play an important role in encouraging the development of language, literacy and love of reading in children and we try and make libraries places children and young people feel welcome and at home. If public libraries are to thrive, it is vital that younger generations grow up appreciating them and their value to the local community. Children's events are clearly advertised in the library in advance, so that users are aware of times when libraries are likely to be noisier than usual and can adjust the time of visit accordingly.

Smelly customers in libraries

When alerted library staff can and do ask people to leave the library if they fail to abide by the libraries bye-laws and the code of conduct. This includes library users who are considered by the staff to be "offensively unclean in person or in clothing".

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If you have any questions or comments, please email or contact your local library.

Updated: 10 October 2022

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